It's that time of year again: Halloween is coming! We're looking for authors to share a short story - up to 1,500 words - with a Halloween theme for our fifth annual Share Your Scare contest.

Enter to Win!

•  Contest runs: September 3rd to September 26th 

•  Permission is required for all content (images and text) used to create your story. No copyright protected text or images.

•  Entries must be 1500 words or fewer. 

•  Entries should be frightening without being vulgar, obscene, or pornographic.

•  All entries must be submitted as a PDF or DOCX attachment.

•  Entrants must be 18 years or older or submission must be made by a parent or legal guardian. USA residents only.

Details & Submission Requirements

The judging process begins as soon as we receive the first entry! We judge on a rolling basis during the submission period and will conclude all judging no later than October 9th. All entries will be judged by the Lulu team based on the following criteria:

•  Creativity: Is it imaginative? Does it maintain the Halloween theme? Is it a complete story?

•  Originality: Is it unique? Are any quotes & licensed images properly attributed?

•  Appropriateness: Is it appropriate for a wide audience of readers? Is it frightening without being derogatory, abusive, or pornographic? Does it meet both the Lulu and Contest Terms & Conditions?

Judging Criteria



All entrants selected by the Lulu Team for inclusion in the Anthology will be contacted at the email address used for submission. All selected entries will receive::

•  Publication in the Share Your Scare Volume 5: A Lulu Anthology

•  One print copy of the Share Your Scare Volume 5: A Lulu Anthology

•  Lulu swag

We're ready to get scared! Upload your DOCX or PDF for review by our team of judges.

Share Your Scare Categories

Frighten us now with your amazing Halloween story! Share your best Halloween story in one of these categories:

1500 Words or less

250 Words or less

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